Hi, my name is Edward.

Front-End Developer avalible for freelance and contract.

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I was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii in the village of Mountain View just outside the town of Hilo.

Hilo gets over 140 inches of rain per year.

When not working I enjoy Roadtrips, Camping, Surfing & Jiu-Jitsu. My idea of a good time is hanging out at the beach, surfing and exploring the coastline.

I made a solo road trip from Florida to California

I currently live in San Diego, California with my beautiful wife Ali & our awesome dog, Tink.

San Diego gets over 150 sunny days per year.
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About Me

I have been optimizing websites since 2005, with achievements like increasing a capture forms conversion by 150% to reducing an e-commerce stores page requests by 80%. Over the years I have worked with some well-known companies, titans in their industries, I have learned from the best.

Designer + Developer + Analytics = CRO Super Hero

My skill set is ideally suited for conversion rate optimization. I am an experienced UI and UX designer with expert level front-end development skills, and I also happen to be a data nerd who loves analytics. In other words, I can identify issues, find ways to measure them and then build solutions to solve them.

My ideal clients are e-commerce companies and digital marketing agencies. If your interested in learning more about how I might be able to help you just hit me up on my .


  • Development

    Front-end development with Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Application development in LEMP stack. Did I mention I love building with Laravel?

  • Optimization

    Planning, measuring, and building AB user tests with tools like Optimizely and Google Optimize & Analytics.

  • Analytics

    Application integration of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Online marketing tracking and reporting, ecommerce tracking.