I'm Edward, a CRO expert.

I identify leaks in your e-commerce sales funnel and test for solutions, reduce abandonment and improve your marketing ROI.

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About Me

I have been optimizing websites since 2005, with achievements like increasing a capture forms conversion by 150% to reducing an e-commerce stores page requests by 80%. Over the years I have worked with some well-known companies, titans in their industries, I have learned from the best.

Designer + Developer + Analytics = CRO Super Hero

My skill set is ideally suited for conversion rate optimization. I am an experienced UI and UX designer with expert level front-end development skills, and I also happen to be a data nerd who loves analytics. In other words, I can identify issues, find ways to measure them and then build solutions to solve them.

My ideal clients are e-commerce companies and digital marketing agencies. If your interested in learning more about how I might be able to help you just hit me up on my .


  • Development

    Front-end development with Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Application development in LEMP stack. Did I mention I love building with Laravel?

  • Optimization

    Planning, measuring, and building AB user tests with tools like Optimizely and Google Optimize & Analytics.

  • Analytics

    Application integration of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Online marketing tracking and reporting, ecommerce tracking.